Our mountain hut is open from the 1st of July to the end of September. We are looking forward to your visit!

The history of our refuge

Our Lenkjöchl refuge is located on 2603m in the area of the Rieserferner-Ahr Natural Park. The alpin refuge is situated west of the Rötspitze (3495m) and between the two valleys Wind- and Röttal.

The shelter house build by the alpine associations of Germany and Austria is an ideal starting point from which to proceed climbing both Rötspitze (3495m) and Dreiherrenspitze (3499m). The crossing in direction of the Clara Hut is also possible, such as being able to follow the circulating path through both Wind- and Röttal, with the refuge as a station in the middle of both Valleys.

The pleasant ascent possible through both valleys Wind-and Röttal, offers a spectacular view on the glacier (Rötspitze 3495m) and thereby provides a high alpine experience which is easy to reach and enjoy for everyone. In the spring of 1887 the section of the DÖAV alpine association from Leipzig enacted the construction of the refuge to provide shelter and care for the alpinists and other visitors of the area. The perfect location for the refuge was quickly found and acquired, which in the respective valley (Röttal) does not constitute a simple task. The spot found offers a breathtaking view, access to water and furthermore  the safety of being protected from rockfall and avalanches.

The construction of the shelter house was finalized in the late summer and was inaugurated on the 2nd September of 1887. As previously mentioned the refuge was intended as a station and starting point to reach the Dreiherrenspitze (3499m) and in addition created a new possibility to ascent the Rötspitze (3495m) which even increased the value of the building later on.

In 1891 started offering shelter and care which lead to more and more visitors in the area over the years. Therefor in 1905 the refuge was renovated and augmented. After the first world war disappropriation was initiated and the CAI (Italian alpine association) of Bruneck took over the ownership. Today the property belongs to the autonomous province of South-Tyrol.

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